• ADAPT was the first UK society (formed 1993) devoted to excellence in aesthetic dentistry.
  • ADAPT is the UK's forum for study and promotion of the newest and best in aesthetic techniques.
  • Regular study meetings are held in London by invitation and members engage in unpaid activities devoted to learning and sharing knowledge with colleagues.
  • ADAPT maintains contact links with institutions worldwide.
  • Educational courses are run by Dr Howard Stean through Dental Education Ltd to which ADAPT is affiliated.
For further information please visit www.dentaleducation.org


Membership: by invitation

Dentists interested in participating in ADAPT activities are encouraged to submit an abbreviated CV to our website. They will be invited as a guest to a meeting with a view to joining.

ADAPT members are expected to attend monthly meetings to ensure continuity in testing programme.

Note: whilst membership is free, members are expected to devote part of their time investigating and reporting on product evaluations.

It has been this aspect of ADAPT membership and its long established reputation that have distinguished its activities and made its professional standing unique.